"Eternity Unveiled - An Angelic Encounter"

Dr. Albert Odulele

"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares."
Hebrews 13:2

"Only one life will soon be past, only what's done for Christ will last."

"One day all of us will give an account to the Lord on how it was spent."

"I have an overwhelming desire to stop Christians wandering through
life ignorantly, squandering time and God-given opportunities."


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The main thrust and emphasis of Dr.Odulele's ministry is to declare without compromise, the authority, integrity and authenticity of God's Word and the personality of the Holy Spirit. He has visionary leadership, administers a rapidly growing and dynamic congregation which is a true reflection of the cosmopolitan composition of London. In increasing demand as a conference speaker nationally and internationally, his charismatic style and prolific delivery has endeared him to many. He is a prolific writer with a best seller 'The Bible Made Simple'. Dr Albert has preached the gospel in conferences attended by thousands of people in Kenya, West Africa, America, Caribbean's and Europe with signs and wonders following. Dr. Odulele is a medical doctor by training and holds an MB; BS. He practiced medicine for a short while before he answered God's call into full-time ministry. He is married to Abosede and has a son, Christopher.

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Life is a gift from God and no one earns the right to be alive. Consequently, everyone should see 'life' as an opportunity to carry out God given assignment. It is not the length of one's life that counts but what is done with it. The pursuit of what the world calls 'good' and 'successful' is vanity when divine purpose is not at its' root. We are all only assured of enough time to complete our assignment and must spend time wisely and cautiously.

In this book, 'Eternity Unveiled', Dr Albert Odulele articulates with the utmost truthfulness and accuracy the events of a life-changing supernatural experience that took him out of his physical body and back. Written in a simple but profound manner, catalogues of divine truths have been recorded as God revealed them to him during this amazing experience.

With a great sense of urgency Dr Albert explains that we have all been given a medium of exchange called the 'breathe of life'. Tangible eternal investments should be made with this 'God given currency' because one day all of us will give an account to the Lord on how it was spent. We don't have the liberty or luxury of determining what to do with our lives; God's 'shopping list' must be followed to the last item.

'Eternity Unveiled' gives insight into a journey few have traveled and lived to tell the tale. Its' truths touch the core of the human soul and articulate the mind of God concerning Purpose, Assignment and Eternity. Each revelation is authenticated by bible passages and bears witness to God's love for His people. Indeed this is a clarion call to the church of the Lord Jesus.

Potentially, this book will permanently affect you and compel an honest evaluation of your Christian walk. Rediscover God's will and serve Him with all of your heart.

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